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Arizona Auto Lifts and hydraulics has built it’s reputation on quality installations, service and inspection of automotive shop equipment.

We understand time is money; every moment your equipment isn’t working matters. We keep many parts for common lifts in stock and prioritize your automotive equipment repair service to ensure you experience minimal downtime and we can typically perform same-day repairs.

With our extensive experience, certified technicians, and high-quality honest repairs, you can feel confident you’ll have your equipment back up and running as quickly as possible.

Experience the Difference

We don't just repair your lifts. We partner with you to make sure your vehicle lifts get the care they need for problem-free operation. Having our knowledgeable technicians inspect your vehicle lifts on an annual basis helps you avoid costly repairs, unexpected down time and potential safety issues.

Each Lift Inspection Includes:

  • Full functionality testing up, down, hold, shut offs, and proper orientation.

  • Examining structural components, including welds, signs of fatigue, overloading, misuse.

  • Safety latch testing, spring and latch examinations.

  • Cable testing and adjusting as needed.

  • Arm lock adjustments tested and lubed as needed.

  • Sliding block testing and examination.

  • Test every screw, bolts/nuts, floor anchors, and fastening device for tightness and factory required torque.

  • Check electrical components and wiring for wear points.

  • Check cylinders for corrosion, rust, damage and leakage.

  • Safety adjustments made during the inspection are included in the fee.

  • Completed safety check list, sign off, and safety report provided upon completion.

 Automotive Lift Service Packages:
Choose the scheduled on-site preventive automotive lift maintenance package that's right for you.


 We offer a range of preventive maintenance plans to include quarterly, semiannual or annual visits,  For a low cost, annual fee, we will send one of our factory-trained specialist automotive lift technicians to your site to perform a 15 point service and safety inspection that includes all factory required adjustment and lubing. A.L.I. certified annual inspections are included in all of our maintenance contracts

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