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Why Inspect your Lifts?

No service facility wants its employees put in harms way by improperly working equipment. 

Vehicle lift inspections are an essential part of any business that relies on these impressive machines to increase productivity. Many service managers and owners know that safety and maintenance are important but do not realize that this involves a professional inspection of their lifts. Others know that they should have an inspection but are unsure of the process.

Shops should have their vehicle lifts inspected annually and properly maintained. Compile and maintain all lift maintenance records and ensure all lift operators are properly trained on the type of lift they use.

These preliminary steps will help ensure continued productivity, shop safety, reduce accident claims and insure compliance with local and O.S.H A. guidelines for equipment and facility safety. In some cases annual inspections may even reduce insurance premiums.

Who Inspects your Lifts?

A Qualified individual with extensive knowledge of all the various types of lifts should conduct these inspections. Employing the services of a qualified inspector will ensure the reliability of your lifts and allow you to continue operating them safely.

Arizona Auto Lifts and Hydraulics is your trusted source for A.L.I. Certified Auto and Truck Lift Inspections.

Arizona Auto Lifts and Hydraulics will help your facility avoid loss of productivity, costly repairs and potentially dangerous conditions in your work space. We keep our technicians are always up to date on their Auto and Truck Lift knowledge. Training on Inspecting, maintaining and repairing lifts is completed regularly. We are Factory authorized service agents and warranty centers for many Lift manufacturers and stock most of the common repair parts for all types of equipment.

Arizona Auto Lifts and Hydraulics will help your facility avoid loss of productivity, costly repairs and potentially dangerous conditions in your work space.

We don't just inspect your lifts. We partner with you to make sure your vehicle lifts get the care they need for problem-free operation. Having our knowledgeable technicians inspect your vehicle lifts on an annual basis helps you avoid costly repairs, unexpected down time and potential safety issues.

What to expect during an Inspection

The first step is to schedule a time to have your lifts inspected. A proper inspection should take 15-30 minutes per lift with that bay out of service and the lift empty. In larger shops this can be performed over several days to lessen the impact on productivity.

Each Lift Inspection Includes:

  • Full functionality testing up, down, hold, shut offs, and proper orientation.

  • Examining structural components, including welds, signs of fatigue, overloading, misuse.

  • Safety latch testing, spring and latch examinations.

  • Cable testing and adjusting as needed.

  • Arm lock adjustments tested and lubed as needed.

  • Sliding block testing and examination.

  • Check every fastener, including floor anchors, for suitability and factory recommended torque.

  • Check electrical components and wiring for suitability and damage.

  • Check cylinders for corrosion, rust, damage and leakage.

  • Safety adjustments made during the inspection are included in the fee.

  • Completed safety check list, sign off, and safety report provided upon completion.


What is involved during the inspection?

When you schedule an inspection with a certified inspector they will complete an inspection form noting the following points.

  •  Inspect all structural components for overloading or misuse

  • Inspecting lift controls

  • Inspecting all electrical components

  • Checking for appropriate clearance around lift

  • Verifying appropriate safety instructions and labeling are in place

  • Checking all fastening devices including floor anchors

  • Inspecting all chains and cables

And finally, Running the lift thru its full cycle to check that all features are operating properly​

What happens after an inspection?

Your lift inspector will review their findings with you verbally. Any lifts found to be unsafe will be discussed and necessary repairs, if approved will be performed and all passing lifts will receive a current inspection sticker. After processing you will receive a packet which includes:

  • An individual inspection certificate for each lift inspected

  • An overall assessment of your work space

  • A list of necessary repairs and suggested improvements with an estimate of cost

  • Current lift safety and lifting point guides

  • Suggested maintenance and inspection checklists

The experienced professionals at Arizona Auto Lifts and Hydraulics are happy to help keep your shop running smoothly and ensure that you maintain a safe and productive service facility.​

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